Monday, 6 June 2016

The Tobacco Packet

The Tobacco Packet

While waiting for the bus today

An old green and gold coloured tobacco packet

Fluttering by me on the breeze

Like a shiny plastic-coated leaf on the wind

It was the same brand my Dad used to smoke

Dad used to sit in ‘his’ chair in the living room

He would patiently roll his own cigarettes, three at a time.

One for now, one for after his spoon melting cuppa and one before bed.

We reckoned Dad rolled the thinnest cigarettes in the world.

They looked like the little thin pipe cleaners

We used to use in art class at school when we were kids

When lit, they burned faster than the ‘Hindenburg’!

He said it stopped him from smoking too much.


We bought him a pipe before he set fire to himself.


© Kate McClelland 2016
Picture by Pixabay

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