Saturday, 9 January 2016


The moonlight flows over her skin like silver cream.

Illuminating her long, undulating hair.

Sliding across her breasts, arms and thighs

Skin as white as alabaster,

Yet warm to the touch

Soft as down feathers.

Your skin - slightly rough,

Slightly tanned but with a flush of red

As your eyes drink in her features

Like a thirsty traveller.

Revelling in the fluidity of her form

You rise to gently pull her towards you

She, soft and yielding

Leans forwards.

Enveloping you in her hair.

You fall in slow motion

Twisting together like vines

On to the quilted surface

Of a four poster feather bed

Breathing in each other’s scent

And losing yourselves

In the rapture of the moment

Bliss ensues.

© Kate McClelland 2015

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