Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who has read, +1'd or commented on my ink scratching's.
Not having feed back is a bit like working in a void - you don't know whether any of your stuff is getting 'out there' or whether any of it actually strikes a cord with anyone.
For someone to actually take the time to read it and maybe even +1 & share or leave a comment (I have had some lovely comments for which I thank you), is very encouraging.
So thanks again, it is very much appreciated -
Kate ;0) xx

Dark Matter Brain

Hello there

Kate here again

I've finally been able to take a couple of days off work and get away to the countryside.
Taking the time to think, do a bit of writing and basically take it easy and calm frazzled nerves :0).

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

I put the poem below in to the poetry section of the above's website and they very kindly showcased it on their webpage.
They have lots of sections, Poetry, short stories, films, directing, TV programme items, screenplays etc., and it's free to enter.

Why don't you have a look?
There maybe something you want to have a go at or submit a piece of work to.
Have a go - nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Details of their short story entry is below my poem.
Good Luck xx

Dark Matter Brain

While I slept, I saw a holographic image

Of the road map of a brain.

It was mostly water and a network of billions of tiny nerve endings.

Held together by a membrane the thickness of a pancake.

Like a saline battery powered pc attached to a meat robot.

I thought, as I saw this slowly spinning vision -

With the amount of ‘space’ in between the membrane and electrons

Could this equate to the dark matter in actual Space?

What if each person had an alternate universe in their head?

So perceptions of our world would be different to each of us

We may view our surroundings

Through the ‘looking glass’ of a cranial universe

Each one, giving a different perspective

A different outcome for actions chosen and actions taken

And within this space there is a better and worse version of yourself,

Making different decisions with different realities as a result

Rippling through time and space in ways we could never comprehend

Like ripples on a pool, that sits within a river, which runs through a sea

Which is surrounded by a boundless eternal ocean

A dark matter brain enveloped within a small calcium box

An infinite space within a three dimensional prison
© Kate McClelland 2015

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Submit your SHORT STORY and get it performed by a professional actor

by wildsoundreview
Deadline June 25th: SHORT STORY Festival. Get your story performed at the Writing Festival. FULL FEEDBACK on all entries.
WATCH the Recent Winning Short Story/1st Chapter Readings: