Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Dreams of a Multiverse

Dreams of a Multiverse

I had a dream recently that I could see through the eyes of someone else.

A man. I don’t know who he is. As far as I know, I have never met him (as far as I know).

He is about 5’ 10’’, smart/casual attire, very clean. He is of slim build but athletic looking. As if he cycles a lot – you know, sort of ‘wiry’ but strong. He has very short, light brown hair which he may be losing (because it’s cropped so short), but there are no bald patches yet. I can’t see his face, so I can’t tell if he has a ‘Widow’s Peak’ or anything like that.

I never see his face, not even a reflection. I see the back of his head, I feel myself floating forward and then all of a sudden – I can see what he sees. As if I have slipped into the back of his head to share the ‘space’.

As it feels like I’m watching a film, it doesn’t upset or frighten me – It’s more an overwhelming feeling of curiosity. And sadness – Yes, that’s how I would describe it - sadness. I think he knows when I’m there, but he has yet to speak to me directly, yet. Maybe that’s when I’ll freak out.

That’s not even the ‘odd’ bit.

This guy has a strange talent, or if you asked him, he may tell you it’s a curse.   His ‘talent’ is that he can observe two ‘Earths’ of the Multiverse - simultaneously. One through his right eye and the other through his left eye.

It’s odd, because for some reason, the right eye ‘view’ is always tinged very slightly ‘blue’ and the left eye’s ‘view’, very slightly red – like an old pair of 3D glasses.

When it first happened to him, it drove him mad for a while. I picked this up from him telepathically (it’s the only way I can describe it) as I shared his optical nerves and lenses (one blue, one red).

That’s why I feel this deep sadness, because he is sad.

The first time it happened to him, it completely shook his belief in Physics and his mental stability. He could see – through his right eye, a woman crossing the road, but he could also see a car fast approaching through his left eye.

His brain froze him to the spot. He was unable to move or even shout to alert the woman. Rigid powerlessness cocooned his body. He thought he was going to watch her get totaled by the car, but they passed ‘through’ each other.

Not like you see on TV where they go through each other like ghosts, but as if there was a ‘line’ in the air, an ‘event’ horizon, and they just stopped being ‘there’. The woman didn’t cross into the ‘red’ and the car didn’t cross into the ‘blue’. But if he looked through just the ’blue’ eye he could see the woman on the other side of the road and if he looked through the ‘red’ eye he could see the car driving away.

Stunned, he held on to a nearby bollard to steady himself and take in what he had just witnessed. He felt dizzy and nauseated. His head spun.  

Took him a while to get used to it.

He went to see his GP who nodded and smiled, gave him a prescription for some heavy sedatives and referred him to Psychiatric.

They took him in for a couple of weeks and after lots of tests, different psychotropic drugs and a ‘pull yourself together man’, he decided he was not a danger to anyone else or himself (yet) and let him go with another bag full of sedatives, which he sold for cash (a guy has to eat).

He even took to wearing an eye patch over his right eye to block out the second universe, as he felt that the left eye ‘view’ was the real one – where he ‘lived’ you might say.

But after a couple of hours he would get a massive, cranium crushing headache coupled with optical migraine and this was so painful, he wanted to hit himself in the face with a hammer for a bit of light relief. He had to give up the eye patch.

He didn’t understand why this was happening to him. He didn’t feel he was ‘special’ or different. The worst thing for him, was that he didn’t feel it had a purpose. He could have lived with it better.

There was no ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ to show him how to use it for good – or evil.  It just ruined his life.

He couldn’t keep down a job as he could see half his desk as this world and the other half as the other world. Office supplies where a nightmare! He would try to grab a pen, but it was the wrong ‘pen’.

His hearing started to go the same way. He started to hear conversations happening in one world and completely different conversations in the other – by the same people. It still freaked him out when ‘Steve’ from ‘1st universe office’ was on one side of the room chatting up the young intern, while also arguing with ‘Phil’ from ‘2nd universe office’ on the other.

He walked out one lunchtime and never returned. He realized after a while that he couldn’t intervene. He had to let things ‘happen’.

Someone was watching him though. Saw everything he did, didn’t do, or tried to do. ‘Nearly ready’ said a voice.

© Kate McClelland 2016

Images from Pixabay

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