Sunday, 18 September 2016

Dolores the Drag Queen


Dolores the Drag Queen

On stage until two

She deals cleverly with hecklers

And the unruly few


With a few gags or a put-down

Or a withering look

She hands over aggressive ones

To bouncers Paddy & Chuck


Next day it’s the club office til four

Then stops for a break

And what Dolores adores

Is a brew and a cream cake


‘Earl Grey’ she says grandly

As she pulls up a chair

In the local patisserie

In which she has a half share


Off come the sling-backs

And she wriggles her toes

‘Ooh that feels so good’

‘It’s great to be home’


Eating her cake daintily

With a knife and a fork

She sips on her Earl Grey

And watches it all


Pass by the window

Of the little quaint café

Where she can wear what she likes

And have a good laugh


With the café regulars

Sharing makeover tips

And talk about life

In between sips


At the end of the day

Dolores transforms

She’s back out on the stage

As it’s here she performs


Dolores the Drag Queen

Her audience she rules

A star among mortals

In high heels and false boobs

© Kate McClelland 2015


Cartoon of RuPaul by Jeremy


  1. An excellent snapshot! She probably has some dark days as well, considering not everyone is accepting of drag queens.

    1. Hello Carolee thank you so much for reading and commenting, I'm very grateful. Yes, she has darker aspects and horrible things have happened to her, but I wanted a lighter poem about her 'better' days now she is a bit older and wiser with her club and little tea shop she has through saving carefully (hahaha I have a full story outline) and this appeared in my head! Appreciate the comments, Kate xx