Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Old Lovers

Hello There

Kate here
Hope everyone is well and safe

Old Lovers

This poem is about an old couple I saw walking in the local park.
They were arm in arm and glad to be out in the sunshine after a few dismal grey days.

Hope you enjoy it

Kate :0)

Old Lovers

Old Lovers, sit together

On a shaded park bench

Going over their memories

Of days and people gone by

Walking together – linking arms

To keep each other steady

Singing snatches of old tunes -

‘Who sang that one dear?’

Matching china cups at home

A present for their anniversary

Filled with steaming tea

Surrounded by photos of how they used to be

Her slim and shy,

Him a protective bear

They look at each other now across

The Irish linen tablecloth

And for a moment,

Their eyes sparkle as they share

A memory without words

Of a time, now long ago

When the Sun stayed for longer

The wine tasted sweeter

And nights were hotter than molten gold

‘Nother cup of tea Dear?’ she says

© Kate McClelland 2015

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