Monday, 25 May 2015

How can you not like Rain?

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I have added a poem of mine today called 'How can you not like rain?. It's about my love of rain (yes, rain). It's a bit lengthy, but stay with it - I may make a Pluviophile out of you yet,

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Kate x

How can you not like Rain?


Okay, I admit it, I’m a Pluviophile.

I love thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, showers and rainbows

The way it can be raining on one side of the road

Yet sunny on the other

As if the world were split in two, down that one street

To me, rain equals a peaceful mind.

I sleep better, think better and feel better when it rains.

I love the different sounds, the smells, the sights

The feel of rain on my skin.

The roar of the thunder, daring all comers to challenge it

The flashes of lightening across the coastal skyline

Filling the air with an electricity you can taste and feel

The wildness of the wind as it whips through your hair

Pulls at your clothes, making you stand against it

Forcing yourself forward, battling the elements

Making you feel alive

The smell of the ozone after a thunderstorm

Or the freshness of the air after heavy rain

The waft of perfume rising up from summer flowers

After a shower has stopped and the sun comes out

Releasing the beautiful aroma of the blossoms

Permeating the unseen steam rising to the sky

Making a technicolour world

The wet sheen that covers the foliage,

The leaves sparkling as they bend in the wind

The droplets snaking their way down the trees, bushes and ivy

Down and down to the ground water

To start their cycle from rain to stream to vapour to cloud to rain again

The shiny slate-topped houses and rain spattered windows

As they glint in the sun just as the downpour stops

The feeling of raindrops on your hat

Or the noise of it drumming on your umbrella

Running down your raincoat

Soaking your jeans and ruining your suede shoes

Watching children splish-splash in big puddles

Wearing their bright coloured wellingtons

Looking like little ‘Paddington Bears’ (©)

In their big plastic-covered hats and coats

Squealing with delight at the sounds and actions of the water.

Enjoying the feeling of ‘being naughty’,

Eyes sparkling with mischief

As they cheekily kick the water towards their already sodden parent,

A pigeon trying to enjoy a quick bath

Chased off by a lolloping Labrador

A duck, with ducklings in  flotilla procession behind her,

Sails across the pond

Wondering what all the fuss is about

Making for the shelter of an overhanging willow

As they’re quite wet enough thank you

A shaggy dog, lapping up the puddles and gambolling across wet grass

Then shaking off the excess water so violently,

That everyone within a few feet

Gets covered in the muddy splatter

Gutters and drainpipes roaring

With the force of the collected rain

That flushes out the sewers and water systems

Gives us water to drink, feeds the plants we eat

And the floral bouquets we love to look at

Making everything clean and new

Bright and shiny

Cool and crisp

It can wear down mountains to grains of sand

Dig deep into Mother Earth to create canyons and valleys

Can sweep away whole areas with its destructive force

Yet, it can make something as beautiful and fragile as a rainbow

Spanning the sky with its psychedelic colours

A marvel of light - shining through a prism of water droplets

Hanging in the air for all to marvel

Or make a delicate spider web twinkle

Like a diamond necklace when the light catches it

How can you not like rain?

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