Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Alpine Dreams

Hello There

Kate here :0)

Hope you're having a great day.
Had a wonderfully vivid dream last night.

I was somewhere that felt 'Alpine', do you know what I mean?
I was staying in a large wooden house. All the woodwork was greyed with age and the edges sculptured into fantastic curves and little Viking dragons. (not as magnificent and grand as the hall in the 'Lord of the Rings' film, but you get the drift)

The wooden furniture was also carved and ancient, like it had been formed by the forest itself. Little animals and birds carved into every surface it seemed.

Big cushions and rag throws covered the chairs and huge couch in the living area and there was a big open log fire on my right, so big you could stand up inside it.
I felt as if I belonged there.

I walked outside and the view took my breath away!
A little beaten earth path wound down a gentle slope to a weathered gate at the beginning of the village road.

To the left, other houses in the same style, leading around a bend - It became obvious to me that this was a small village of some sort. Seems like this house was the last one before open countryside.

To the right, some moss covered foothills leading to three searing mountains.
They were so close, it felt like they were leaning down to meet us.

They were very pointy, (like jagged wizard's hats) The middle one was covered in a vivid lavender blue and the two either side were covered in an emerald green coloured moss from top to foot.

Little yellow flowers, which looked like individual primroses close up, dotted the lush green slopes towards the mountains and all the way back to the house and it's garden.

It was as if the mountains had given permission for the village to be there and had let it grown on the edge of the foothills - like an off shoot of them somehow. Separate, but part of the mountains themselves.

I waved to the few people walking past and stepped outside the house, walked towards the gate.
I felt a total peace and serenity just fill up my insides to the top of my head with a warm, glowing feeling that I can't really explain.
As it did so, I thought 'this is where I want to live'.

Then - Nononono!!! I jolted awake!! Nooo!!! I tried to hold back the disappointment.
I tried to go back to sleep to catch a remnant of the dream, but the more I tried the quicker it faded - then it was gone.
Gone like a wisp of early morning mist when the hot sun picks it out for death.

A feeling of complete loss overcame me - which was very strange as I knew full well it was a dream. But I felt like I'd just lost something precious!
I sorely missed a place that in all probability, didn't exist and was really upset to think it was lost and I didn't know how to find it again.

It was so vivid, so real, so peaceful and beautiful, waking up was like seeing a beautiful Venetian glass vase smash on the floor - sadness at it's destruction and  irreplaceability.

So I shall be browsing through  'Alpine' villages on the internet - you never know, I might find my little village in the foothills of three mountains again.
Stranger things have happened!

Wish me luck

Kate x
© Kate McClelland 2015

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