Sunday, 26 April 2015

Instant Life

Hello There
Hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful day.
I've added another poem of mine.
It's about how it seems everything around us has to be 'instant access', no time to wait, no time to slow down and see the flower at the road side or watch a bird in a tree.
Hope you like it.
Instant Life 

I see a guy walking fast

Dodging the ‘rush hour’ traffic

(An anathema if ever there was one)

Eating his ‘3 minute’ breakfast burrito

Drinking his instant coffee

Out of a throw away cup

Talking on his mobile phone via his Bluetooth

Reading the screen on his IPad
While we sit in the traffic

Listening to ‘one hit’ wonders

In a car that connects us

To the office/meeting/presentation

While we ‘Google’ for the nearest

Drive-thru ‘meal in a bag’ purveyor

Optimistically called a ‘restaurant’

Eating on the way to work to save time

Then at the end of a busy day

We go home, grabbing a microwave meal on route

And drop down exhausted

In front of a remote controlled TV

With 300 channels & nothing worth watching

So we end up watching a programme

About people - watching people - watching people – watching TV!

While we write reports and update our Facebook status

To ‘Dying of Monosodium Glutamate overdose’

(Which we would probably shorten to MSG for speed)

Then slumping into our memory foam mattress beds

Sex is out of the question of course

As it’s too time consuming/messy/early start tomorrow/tired

Yet we sit up reading books on our kindl for an hour

And plastering our faces and hands

With oils and creams for that ‘instant’ face lift

A child saw an old ‘dial’ phone in a movie

With a look of complete horror

He couldn’t comprehend having to turn the dial

For every digit of a telephone number

Technology was supposed

To give us more time for leisure

But we seem to be running after it

Keeping up with the latest gadget Thingumabob or see-thru tech

Like a hamster in a gold plated wheel

We can’t see we’re being kept busy

And drowning in ‘things’

Driving another wedge

Between us and the natural world we originally came from

With bottled water and exercise machines

When ‘indoor gardens’ become the norm

We’re as doomed as the Dodo

© Kate McClelland 2015

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