Tuesday, 21 April 2015

'Fluffy Slippered Feet' and 'Here I sit' and 'Book Reviews'

Hello There

I'm Kate. Pleased to meet you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.
I write poetry, (no yawning out there!) some short stories and I am trying to write a children's book (although it's glacially slow at the moment)

I write poems about whatever pops into my head. So they can be about a flower, a missed bus, a cosy night by the fire or even a screaming row. 

My short stories tend to be observational and sometimes about things that have happened to me or other people I know (names omitted to protect the innocent of course :0) ).

This is my first entry into the 'Blogsphere' world, so hope you'll be patient with me.

I will post poems and stories as and when they're ready.
I hope you will have a read and if you would like to post a message or a comment to say what you thought, or a constructive (!!) criticism, That would be fabulous.

As a start, I have added a few of my poems here.
Hope you enjoy them, speak to you soon

Kate xx

Fluffy Slippered Feet


She sits on her brown leather couch.

Fluffy slippered feet curled up under her.

Big cup of steaming Earl Grey cradled in her hands

A copy of a well-worn novel

Rests on the propped up cushion

To her left hand side

The page pinned down

By a page saver

In the shape of a silver butterfly

She has read and reread

This book so many times

The edges worn down with turning

The pages yellowing with age

The smell of the book

Has changed over time

From that ‘new print’ aroma

To slightly acrid ‘human’ smell

Caused by the oil from her hands

The book, if dropped

Automatically opens at her favourite chapter

Welcoming her back

Like a beloved teddy bear

The story envelopes her

Like an old friend’s hug

Pulling her into a fantasy world

As real time ticks away

She is suspended in her reverence

Time has no meaning

And only the realisation

That her tea is now very cold

Makes her check the clock

On the back wall

She uncurls herself from her

Comfortable position

And makes her way to the kitchen

To brew a fresh cup of tea

Grabs a few digestives

And slops back to the couch

Promising herself a nice

Coffee percolator for the living room

So she doesn’t have to move

She giggles to herself

As she thinks about moving a Kermode

Into the living room as well

She shakes her head at this

And thinks ‘step too far girl’

Then settles down again to read

Consuming the tea and biscuits

As the book consumes

Her whole attention

Never was there such a complete

Match between person and book

As this one

A never-ending love affair
© Kate McClelland 2015

Here I sit


Here I sit

Surrounded by crisp white

Irish linen and a

Big thick duvet

Two plumped up pillows

Propped up behind me

No pyjamas or nightgown

For me this morning

Just the glorious feeling of

Soft sheets and warmth

Against my skin

The primrose yellow sun

Creeps through the slightly quivering

Muslin curtains

Splashes heat and light across

The room and my bed

Yellow, white, warm joy

Spreads through me like

A shot of brandy

Making me stretch my limbs

With a huge yawn

And like a Siamese cat

I purr slightly, smiling broadly

As I luxuriate in my surroundings

Thankful for my comforts

And happy with my lot
© Kate McClelland 2015

It’s Night Time


It’s night time

Telly is boring

So I slip off my slippers

And go out into my garden

I stand under the shelter

Of the Elderflower tree

I close my eyes

And feel my feet

Sink into the grass

Melding me with my surroundings

It starts to lightly rain

The sound of the raindrops

Hypnotically and rhythmically

Fall around me

The slight rustle and shiver

Of the shawl of leaves I wear

Are a soothing balm

To my fire cracker nerves

Calmness falling as rain

Cool & soothing rhythms

Syncopate their way through

My skull easing my mind

A balm to my soul

A mini Eden in a city metropolis

© Kate McClelland 2015

Posted 21st April 2015

Book Reviews

I always used to daydream to myself about putting some poems and short stories together for a book. Then daydream about getting reviews together for the book cover sleeve. Basically – a lot of daydreaming.

So being bored one day, I put together some fake reviews for a laugh.

I have printed some here and I hope you find them funny too. Why not try to write some of your own and send them to me? I’d love to read them.

Annie Lennox

Wow! I was blown away by this book. It just sings to me…Hang on, that gives me an idea!! (sounds of running-away feet, piano being played)

Russell Brand

It’s such an efficaciously sublime, yet stunningly banal piece of literature that I am in conflict emotionally and phraseologically

Stephen Fry

WHAT?? Not another ‘I have read this book and Dahlings I loved it’ request? Clear off!!

Peter Ustinov

If I had been alive to read and endorse this collection of hen scratching’s - I wouldn’t have.

Margaret Attwood

Oh my Dear – wished you’d have asked me. I would have enthusiastically and unequivocally have said ‘Pah’!

Noel Gallagher

For f*cksake! Ow didya get this address? P*ssoff before I set the Band on yer!
Bloody Poets!! They’re everyflippin’where!!

Dyslexia Society

Thanks for using the Trebuchet font, size 12 and soft pastel paper, most absorbing.

Anyway, I think that’s MORE than enough for today, so I’ll say toodle pip for now, stay safe, speak to you soon

 © Kate McClelland 2015

Kate xx


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